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Governor Du Jiahao in the meeting of the Committee of Xiangjiang protection and governance emphasizes “Old“ to control “new account“ never owe






    The first meeting of the Xiangjiang protection and Management Committee in 2014 held at the provincial environmental protection department

     Provincial Party committee assistant deputy secretary, governor Du Jiahao chaired the meeting and delivered an important speech

     Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Liu Yaochen on the progress in the implementation of "one key project" the first "three year plan" work inspection report

     Du Jia Hao governor inspects the provincial Environmental Monitoring Center Station of the heavy metal in laboratory

     Du Jia Hao governor inspects online monitoring platform for the provincial Environmental Protection Office of pollution sources

     The afternoon of April 14th, vice secretary of provincial Party committee, governor Du Jiahao chaired the Xiangjiang protection and Management Committee in 2014 the first meeting. He stressed that, in accordance with the time node inverted period, "old" to governance, "new account" will never owe, to ensure that the Xiangjiang control and protection of the first "three year action plan" on schedule.

     Executive vice governor Chen Zhaoxiong, vice governor Zhang Shuofu, the Provincial Government Secretary General Dai Daojin attended the meeting.

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