The UK-China Environment & Water Technology Forum

     On May 29, The UK-China Environment & Water Technology Forum,organized by the British general consulate Guangzhou office was held in Changsha. Our provincial environmental protection department,  both Chinese & UK enterprises attended the meeting.

     Meeting was hosted by Mr Neal Carlin, the British consulate general of Guangzhou office.His gave a warn welcome to everyone for the attendance firstly, he pointed out that both the two sides of pragmatic cooperation in the field can effectively promote the regional environmental cooperation, the British consulate will promote the enterprises and the enterprises in Hunan communication. Zhang Zhiguang, the section chief of Hunan     

     provincial environmental protection department, said the government attaches great importance to environmental protection work in Hunan province, the current environment quality condition in our province lacking compared to new environmental requirements, need more power to participate the environmental protection career. Our Department will gradually establish a government business partnership, corporate play a main role in the environmental protection industry cooperation, support domestic and foreign enterprises communicate with each other to learn.

     Both representing enterprises introduced each other on the conference,and hope to get longer cooperation in the future.

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