Du JiaHao met with environmental protection delegation of Italy

  Hunan daily on October 15 - (reporter HeJia Yangliuqiu) this evening, vice secretary of provincial party committee, vice governor DuJiaHao met with Manasi Pina and her teams in Changsha, whose is government committee chairman of the Marches in Italy.

  This time Manasi Pina’s delegation will visit to Hunan and attend Hunan province - Marche second environmental protection cooperation conference, they will Investigate to the central south university and local Environmental protection enterprise .

  Du Jiahao said China and Italy has a long history, splendid culture. In the recent years, under the background of  continuou developmenting relationship between the two countries , exchange and cooperation between Hunan and Italy continue to strengthen. Italy Fiat set up production base in Changsha, Zoomlion and Italian CIFA cooperation become examples of successful business cooperation between the two countries, this laid a solid foundation for both sides to deepen exchanges and cooperation.  Marches district is an important shipbuilding, leather, machinery manufacturing base of Italy, these will largely improve the cooperation to the two sides. To further promoting Hunan and the Marches friendly exchanges, and constantly expand in economy, trade, culture, education, environmental protection and other fields of cooperation, make the friendship to be better between the two regions.

  Manasi Pina said that it is a unforgettable trip to Hunan,and hope that cooperation between the two sides, like four seasons, cycle, and never ending.Believe that through mutual learning, complement each other's advantages, The Marche region and Hunan's future will be more brighten

  After the meeting, DuJiahao and Manasi Pina also attended the Hunan province - Marche region environmental protection cooperation signing ceremony.

  The provincial government secretary general Dai Daojin attended the activity.

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