The twelfth session of the ASEAN tripartite environment ministers meeting held in Indonesia

  Chinese environmental news, the twelfth ASEAN - CJK Environment Ministers Meeting held recently in Surabaya, Indonesia. At the invitation of the Ministry of Environment of Indonesia and the ASEAN Secretariat, the Special Representative of the Minister of Environmental Protection Zhou, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Nuclear Safety Engineer Liu led a delegation attended the meeting and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.
         Liu Hua introduced the new progress of China’s environmental protection work in the speech. He pointed out that, China government attaches great importance to environmental protection work, the environmental protection as a basic national policy, proposed to strengthen ecological civilization, build a beautiful China's strategic objectives, and are actively exploring costs in line with China's national conditions is small, effective, low emissions , environmental protection and sustainable new road. After unremitting efforts, China has made remarkable achievements in environmental protection. Faced with the current outstanding atmosphere, water pollution and other environmental problems, we insist on prevention, comprehensive management, and strengthen the pollution of water, air, soil and other prevention efforts to promote pollution prevention and control in key river valleys and regions.
The Chinese government recently issued the "Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan",we will also introduce a series of environmental pollution control action plan in the future, including drinking water safety, focusing on strengthening key watersheds and groundwater pollution prevention and control, in order to solve environmental problems in rural eco-focused to further promote the contiguous rural environment and soil pollution remediation action plans.
         In terms of environmental cooperation with ASEAN, Liu said the Chinese government attaches great importance to developing relations with ASEAN. In recent years, under the leadership attaches great importance to and actively participate in and promote the parties made ​​considerable progress on Environmental Cooperation between China and ASEAN. The two sides adopted a strategic environmental cooperation, the development of a cooperative action plan (2010 - 2013), created the China - ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Forum, launched the China - ASEAN Green Envoys Programme, focusing on promoting the conservation, environmental industry and bio-technology exchange and other areas of cooperation. Currently, under the joint efforts of both sides, the first phase of the action plan of cooperation has yielded good results, and on the basis of full consultation on the second phase of the action plan agreed on. China should continue to creat a better future - a platform ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center, the role of a bridge and window around cooperation objectives and priorities identified in the strategic areas of cooperation, dialogue and cooperation to carry out pragmatic. Continue to strengthen environmental policy-level dialogue, public environmental awareness and environmental education, biodiversity and ecological protection, environment-friendly technologies and industries, joint policy research cooperation, and actively explore new ways of cooperation contents and constantly enrich the connotation of cooperation.
        During the meeting, Liu also met with Minister of South Korea, Japan and Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, the environment and the person in charge and the ASEAN Secretariat and other regional environmental cooperation on bilateral issues of mutual interest and exchanged views.
        ASEAN –CJK Environment Ministers Meeting is an important part of the mechanism of trilateral leaders' meeting. Has held 12 meetings until now, MEP delegation attended the previous meeting.

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