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Zaibao Zhu and Xiaoyun Jiang are Awarded as “Green China Figure of the Year”

Zaibao Zhu and Xiaoyun Jiang are Awarded as “Green China Figure of the Year”

Two out of the tenawardees are from Hunan Province, with the top award of China for environmental protection

On July 8th, the final result of “2014 –2015 Green China Figure of the Year” has been announced in Beijing. Two out of the ten prize-winners come from Hunan Province, who respectively are the president of Yueyang Environmental Protection Volunteer Association—Zaibao Zhu, and the vice-general manager of Changsha Hasky Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.—Xiaoyun Jiang.

“Green China Figure of the Year”is China’s highest award in respect of environmental protection. The event has been initiated since 2005, which is collaboratively sponsored by the NPC Environment and Resources Protection Committee, the CPPCC Population Resources and Environment Committee, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Press,Publication,Radio,Film and Television, Chinese Communist Youth Leagure, as well as the PLA Environmental Protection and Afforestation Committee. It is also importantly supported by UNEP andorganized by China Environmental Culture Promotion Association. The event has been held for seven times, with totally 58 individuals or groups awarded for their outstanding contribution to environmental protection, including people from non-governmental environmental organizations, pro-environment celebrities from cultural, artistic and media field, as well as scholars and entrepreneurs promoting sustainable development.

Zaibao Zhu, who is 89 years old, is still dedicated to environmental protection and known as “China’s pioneer of non-governmental environmental protection”. He initiated and established in 2001 the first ENGO in Hunan—Yueyang Environmental Protection Volunteer Association. Devoted for public interest for 38 years, he has spent 160,000 on public service; the total distance he has taken with cycling and bus equals to 13 times the Long March.

Graduated from the PhD Environmental Engineering in Germany, Xiaoyun Jiang gave up on high-profile job opportunities and decided to come back to China. She chose to apply her knowledge in enterprises and polluted sites and is determined to become a “general doctor” for environmental management. Now the company has developed into a provider of integrated environmental management plans. Today, its projects have covered over 20 provinces across the country, undertaking 50% of the construction and operation of heavy metals wastewater treatment of non-ferrous smelting manufacturing in China.

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